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Credits courtesy of the united states military academy department of history. Map of ia drang valley click on an area of interest. Ia drang veterans bruce crandal jack smith larry gwin joe gallo. On 14 november 1965 the 1st cavalry division airmobile flew to the ia drang valley of vietnam, initiating the first major battle between the north vietnamese and american armies. Some historians mark it as the beginning of americas deep and futile involvement in a bodycount war of attrition to keep south vietnam from being.

It tells the historical background of the vaticans secret missions and initiatives throughout world war two. Battle of ia drang valley idv by ltc kenneth r pierce. Pages in category battle of ia drang the following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total. The battle for the ia drang valley in october and november 1965 was not only a tactical pyrrhic victory for the north vietnamese, but a strategic one as well. An overall picture of the intelligence gathering at ia drang can be obtained by putting together the pieces of information contained in the following primary source documents. How the battle of the ia drang valley changed the course.

In his interview, bob edwards discusses his role in that battle as the commander of c company 17 cavalry up to the point when he was wounded. Battle of ia drang documentary operation silver bayonet by devgru5022. Gen hal moores 1993 return to lz xray in the ia drang. Home general military history after action report, ia drang valley operation, 1st battalion, 7th cavalry 1416 november 1965.

Lessons of ia drang for the vietnam war all empires. The game uses area movement across a map that covers from cambodia to pleiku, turns lasting 2 days each, and companylevel units. Its a littleknown fact that during world war two the head of the catholic church, pope pius xii ordered that hitler was to be killed. This principle is correct in the case of the chu pongia drang battle. Pronunciation of ia drang with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning, 2 translations and more for ia drang.

From street and road map to highresolution satellite imagery of ia drang valley. It is among the most famous battles in the storied history of the 1st cavalry division and the. Fifty years ago today, one of the vietnam wars most ferocious battles broke out in the ia drang valley. There they are ambushed by communist forces and nearly overrun until rescued by the 1st battalion, 5th cavalry. The ia drang valley battle between american and north vietnamese forces was the first confrontation of battalion size and larger units. One of the most significant battles of the vietnam war, the 1416 november 1965 battle in the ia drang valley in south vietnams central highlands between the u. Ia drang in vietnamese pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more. From november 1418, 1965, soldiers from the first cavalry division fought in the battle of the ia drang valley in vietnam. Stolen valor on this day in history, 14 november 1965. R hal moore and ia drang valley veterans return to lz xray with former foes.

The battle of ia drang was the first major battle between regulars of the united states army and regulars of the peoples army of vietnam pavn nva of north vietnam during the vietnam war. Edwards was the commander of ccompany of 1st battalion 7th cavalry regiment and fought at lz xray. Just as his battalion was about to be overrun, moore called in close air support, all of it depicted in vivid, scorchedearth detail in the movie. Vietnam battle of ia drang real battle that inspired the movie we were soldiers. For subscription info contact mr, usacgsc, ft leavenworth ks 60627 the battle of the ia drang valley idv was actually of series of engagements between the us 1st cavalry division airmobile and the b3 front, north vietnamese army nva from 1018 to 112465, many. Lz albany battle chinese observers perspective this is a map of the lz albany battle as it occurred on 17 november 1965, drawn by the chinese observers who revisited the battlefield and did detailed research after the battle and published in. The battle of ia drang represented the first major fight between u. Army specialist four sp4 bill beck was an assistant machine gunner assigned to the 1 st battalion, 7 th cavalry regiment 17 cav, 1 st cavalry division on november 14, 1965, when the unit airlifted into landing zone lz xray in the ia drang valley in vietnam. Armys 1st cavalry division airmobile and the 33rd and 66th regiments of the north vietnamese army nva marked a watershed change in the military strategies of both sides. Its one of the millions of unique, usergenerated 3d experiences created on roblox.

Into the ia drang valley paperback june 29, 2010 by alan berry author see all 2 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Lieutenant colonel harold hal moore, commanding officer of the 1st battalion, 7th cavalry regiment was awarded the distinguished service cross for his actions at lz xray. Effects of weather and terrain during the battle of the ia. It was during the week before thanksgiving, amidst the scrub brush and stunted trees of the ia drang river valley in the western. After action report, ia drang valley operation, 1st. The november 1965 battle in the ia drang valley was the first major battle between the united states army and north vietnamese soldiers. A new book called church of spies has been released.

First major battle of the vietnam war the most fierce battle of the war forces were three battalions of the us and bombers 1st and 2nd of the 7th calvary unit and the 2nd of the 5th calvary unit forces of the vietnam 5 infantry battalions 1st battalion, 33rd pavn. Little did beck and his companions know they were about to make. The battle of ia drang was fought november 1418, 1965, during the vietnam war 19551975 and was the first major engagement between the us army and the peoples army of vietnam pavn. This battle was the beginning of a new kind of warfare using helicopters. Pick a side and join the fight, enlist into 3rd id and fight for america or defend the homeland. This page shows the location of ia drang valley, gia lai province, vietnam on a detailed satellite map. On the slopes around the forested ia drang, far from cities, rail lines, or highways, two regiments totaling 2,000 seasoned north vietnamese regulars, or nva, were ready.

We were soldiers once and young was coauthored by lt. The battle of ia drang comprises two main engagements conducted by the 3rd infantry division that took place on november 1415, 1965 at the xray. American losses are 276 men to an estimated 400 viet cong. Effects of weather and terrain during the battle of the ia drang valley, vietnam. This is a portion of map sheet 65363 showing the ia drang valley area in the ii corps tactical area of responsibility. Ia drang is a solitaire game which covers the 1965 battle in the ia drang river valley between nva troops and the 1st air cavalry division.

The foundation of the 1st cavalry division association ia drang scholarships background the foundation administers a separate program for descendants of soldiers who served in designated qualifying units that were involved in the battles of the ia drang valley during the period 3 through 19 november 1965. The battle of ia drang was the first major battle between the united states army and the peoples army of vietnam pavn, also referred to as the north vietnamese army nva, and was part of the pleiku campaign conducted early in the vietnam war. Pope pius xii ordered death of hitler during world war two. National archives the battle of ia drang valley national security council. But the battles true toll would prove to be the hubris it. It comprised two main engagements, centered on two previously scouted helicopter landing zones lzs, known as lz xray and lz. The battle of ia drang happened on november 14th through 18th, 1965 in the ia drang valley of vietnam. Pleiku, the dawn of helicopter warfare in vietnam, j. The battle was fought between the us army 1st and 2nd battalion 7th cavalry. Veterans recall battle of ia drang at 50th anniversary. The twopart battle took place between november 14 and november 18, 1965, at two landing zones lzs northwest of plei me in the central highlands of south vietnam approximately 35.

Free ia drang valley vietnam war essay exampleessays. The 1st cavalry division deploys the 2nd battalion, 7th cavalry, at ia drang two miles to the northeast of landing zone xray. Battles at landing zone xray and albany greg shedd ms2500 2. The ia drang campaign changed the face of the vietnam war from a more distant one to a more personal, and intensified war where both the public and the government took interest in. The battle was a costly one for the united states armed forces stationed in the ia drang valley as the mortality rate skyrocketed due to a pressing and suicidal viet. For his gallantry under relentless enemy fire on an otherwise insignificant knoll in the valley of the ia drang, ernie savage received the distinguished service cross. The 50th anniversary of the battle of ia drang valley, vietnam. Killing, dying and suffering indelibly marked us all joseph galloway, 73, is a veteran war correspondent who did four stints in vietnam, including a. After a north vietnamese strike against the special forces camp at plei me, american forces deployed in an effort to destroy the attackers. The player, as the us, has overwhelming firepower and mobility, but the nva has stealth. The battle lasted for three days, resulting in major.

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