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New beginning and end chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. He attempts to raise him because of lily and something unexpected is found out. The malfoys had gone back to their manor a couple of days after the trip to diagon alley leaving james, severus, and harry some time alone to get to know each other. Request lf fics where harrys parents arent actually. Angered and disgusted by their decisions, severus takes harry away. Severus snapetom riddle, draco malfoyharry potter mostly preslash rating. The princes tale professor snape is dead on voldemorts orders, and harry saw it all. Lily and the marauders go into hiding right after voldemort attacks them, they cant bring harry, harry is left in the care of snape, they dont return until harry turns, having grown up knowing snape for his father. Severus looked up at james, whose face was beginning to show the first. When harrys parents abandon him for dead when his twin is the gwl. He is an exceptionally skilful wizard whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish. James potter did fall for lily evans, but she never loved him back.

Four years after james and lilys death the truth is discovered. Lily potter is the mother of harry potter, who shared with harry the most striking aspect of her appearance, her brilliant green, almondshaped eyes op28. All through his years at hogwarts harry forgave his father absolutely everything because. Severus snape is not loved, not by his father, not by anyone at hogwarts, and not even. Burning organ im sort of picky when it comes to fanfiction. A professor at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, snape is hostile to harry due to his resemblance to his father james, who bullied snape during their time at hogwarts. In the harry potter series, one of the main antagonists is severus snape. Through the lines chapter one, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Lily was born to a muggle family and grew up with her sister, petunia, not far from spinners end in. Severus snape important scenes in chronological order. His godparents, as well as his uncle and aunt were ron weasley and hermione granger. I have written 2 au fics where james survived with 2 different premises links below in the footnotes. Kematian harry bukanlah akhir tapi awal bagi severus untuk menydari kebenaran. Severus and harrys family experience chapter 1, a harry.

Severus snape sat in the headmasters office, along with lily and james potter and their newborn son, harry james potter. Their relationship is mostly fine when harry gets bitten by two werewolves during a full moon. The siblings loved each other and james supported the. Well just have to see if severus and james put the past behind them. Severus had come few moments later and together they had buried harrys parents and raised harry.

So far the three had just spent time talking about harrys childhood and the two parents were ready to kill the dursleys. James potters little sisterseverus snape fanfic fanfiction. If you were writing an au harry potter fanfic, which of. When she develops her first crush, will she have her heart shattered.

In the marauders third year, james potters sister is finally 11. Severus snape was his enemy, but none so much as london bexley, t. Both harry and sirius ended up in a world where tom riddle was good, but there were different bad guys. Severus snape takes harry the night his parents are killed. How harrys finds out is up to you, it could be through creature inheritance, medical needaccident, potion accidentassignment etc. Harrys little arms crept around his neck as the boy buried his face in the hollow of severus throat. In fact, he discovers he has two dads and his mum is none other than severus snape. The courtship itself seemed rather archaic, but in the end, it worked out well for all the characters involved. Watch as harry flourishes to all that he was meant to be. Harry whimpered at the mention of his mother and james put his hand.

We take a closer look at the chapter from deathly hallows that changed everything. I do hope they made a book that was written in severus pov. The people who say james is the father are too dumb too look in to. He turned out to be more of a good guy than fans initially thought, and his somewhat sticky past with harrys father was revealed not putting james in a good light at all. Draco shifted in his seat to face harry, who had done the same thing as him. The three had come down to severus rooms for a rest before dinner. Jans list of harry potter fanfiction father page 1. James was two years older than his brother albus severus and four years older than his sister lily luna. The potters were, for many generations, pureblood up until the birth of harry potter in 1980, but they were excluded from the sacred twentyeight due to their egalitarian stance on blood purity.

It is my story, and i intend to write it the way i want it. Harry was only a few weeks old but he was sevs child. Potter is the surname of an old wizarding family descended from ignotus peverell and linfred of stinchcombe. Harry potter died, according to the muggle and wizarding world, but severiun lucius snape lives. Harry james potter is the titular protagonist of j. Harry was taking a nap on the rug in front of the fire, his little arm wrapped around the unicorn doll lily had gotten him for his birthday. Au what if severus had been able to overcome harrys resemblance to james. The dursleys live at number 4, privet drive, little whinging in surrey, england. She is sorted into ravenclaw, and james says that she is the smartest girl in the school. A walk inside snapes memories transformed him in harrys mind from sniping potions master to the bravest man he ever knew.

List of supporting harry potter characters wikipedia. Severus decides to clean out out his parents cupboard and saw a box that fallen. Mistakes chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Severus sighed and reached over, plucking the child out of the arms holding him. And as severus stared into bright green eyes, harry said its potter, sir. It was better for all three if she gave up severus snape for james. Au in which tom riddle is head of the department of mystery, severus snape is teaching at hogwarts and loving it and harry potter is head auror. Hes going to find out more about himself, old enemies will become new friends, old friends will become new enemies, also appearances by old characters and old friends, also new animals. Harry gets sorted into slytherin, becomes dark, or has a brother or sister that is tb. He had said that he couldnt look at harry and not remember james and lily. Severus thought he looked just like james and hated him which he scowled at. Severus snape harry potter fanfiction filter project. Otherwise any and all recs welcome and appreciated. Harrys eyes had been on his food but as he was asked this question he looked at severus properly with dry glasses.

This is how i would like to have imagined it went that night. Jans list of harry potter fanfiction little ones fics. The parents signed the papers and were about to leave when william potter grabbed his son by the arm. Through the lines chapter one, a harry potter fanfic. Harrys voice was a little teary, but still expectant. Harry potter is actually the son of severus snape and james potter.

Severus snapes most important scenes and arcs in the harry potter film series in chro. In my dad, severus adopts harry at the age of 5 but has had custody of him since the age of 2. The dursley family are harry potters last living relatives. Severus snapeharry potter, severus snapedraco malfoy, severus snapeoc.

Severus and james were lying on the sofa, james back against severus chest, their legs entwined together. Lily is harrys slave fanfiction lily is harrys slave fanfiction. Im tired of searching for jamessnape fanfics to find just a few, while drarry is a damn popular otp. You are remembered, alan rickman, february 21 1946 january 14, 2016. Snape dismissed the class and students hurriedly jumped off from their seats. This, of course, makes their relationship different from the very beginning so its ok if snape is loving yet strict. Literally the title says, harrys first christmas but the story revolves around everyone james and lily, severus, remus, pettigrew and sirius and a little bit of harry. He hated them with a passion, even more so that he had saved his life, much to his relief.

The majority of the books plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan harry, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard. Harrys dad had a younger sister jasmine roseanne potter who was close with the marders except sirus an animagus as well a snow leopard but a registered one but was in love with severus. Of course the relationship with james and severus was permeated by the lily factor. But their lovehate relationship isnt entirely different than draco and harrys. Im looking for fics where snape has adopted harry to get him away from the dursleys. To ensure harrys safety, albus dumbledore placed him in the dursleys care when he was a baby. Harrys career as a curse breaker made his life much more interesting and allowed for good conversation as well. I also vaguely remember reading a fic or two some time ago where only one of the potters was actually harrys parent. The night that harry james potter became the boy who lived it changed severus snapes life forever. What if harrys parents had really survived the night that. James was named in honour of his paternal grandfather and his fathers. Severus and harry s family experience by healer teddylonglong. Stories where harry, draco, and or severus are a vampire or veela. You dont just need to read the books to know part 8 show that snape always loved harry, and hated james for pretending to be his dad.

The story goes on to harrys first year at hogwarts and how everything would actually proceed had snape been harrys father. They are all muggles, and despise all things related to magic and anything out of the ordinary in general and the wizarding world. He was avoiding his friends though that was not exactly a new occurrence, it tended to happen periodically and had developed a habit of bringing a bucket of bait, but no fishing pole, down to the stone jetty where the firstyear boats were moored on the 364 days a year they werent being used. New beginning and end chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Severus looked at james dead in the eyes before repeating what he said slowly. Potions and snitches snape and harry gen fanfiction archive. The chapter that made us fall in love with severus snape. Snape then went forth to ward off a werewolf remus lupin from students ron. Fate decides to play with harrys life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father for his child. Harry potterseverus snape works archive of our own. See more ideas about fanfiction, dramione and draco and hermione.

After the order lock him up harry flees to the father. James potterseverus snape lucius malfoyseverus snape harry. The story always said that james potter fell in love with lily evans, destined to be so, and that his worst enemy was severus snape. The potters have traditionally been sorted into gryffindor house at hogwarts school of. Harry or hermione go back to tom riddles or the marauders time.

Both harry and sirius ended up in a world where its harry was killed long time ago, but voldemort had trouble with a fucker a riddled universe, linkffn8678567. Severus thought he looked just like james and hated him which he. Minster, i believe we have covered that severus snape was not a death eater. In james arms, harry sat sniffling, but he was waving his arms at severus. Severus just managed to keep his face a mask but inside he was reeling with shock. Thus, he attends hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry to practice magic under the guidance of the kindly headmaster albus dumbledore and other school professors along. Harry over to severus who in turn held the boy like any parent would. Rowling, and i am not earning anything by writing this story. Father and son, teacher, apprentice, mentor, guardian, comrades, enemies, healing, canon, deaging, adoption, sevitus biological father snape, severitus challenge, and family stories. What if harry werent the only griffyndor with slytherin traits. In his dying moments, he told harry to take his memories and look at him one last. Severitus, au, crossovers, slash, abuse, time travel, mpreg and much more. Summaryharry is called up to dumbledores office at the end of his fourth year and told he is to go and live with severus snape. The usual sneer appeared on his face, while a frown was etched on harrys.

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