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Toward the classification of bps solutions of n2, d5 gauged supergravity with matter couplings 9783659334993. Generalized killingyano equations in d5 gauged supergravity. But also if the supersymmetry is partially broken reliable results may still be possible and the ultimate hope would be to describe d4, n1 superyangmills by d5, n2 gauged supergravity. Supersymmetric solutions from mattercoupled 7dn 2 gauged. However, most people today want one of the newer super gravity 2. By allowing offdiagonal vectortensor couplings we find more general results than currently known in the literature. Classical solutions and a chapter on adscft complete the book. We give the n 2 gauged supergravity interpretation of a generic d 4, n 2 theory as it comes from the generalized scherkschwarz reduction of d 5, n 2 ungauged supergravity. The metric for the bh in 5d gauged supergravity is 40 and d 23,k is the metric on s3 with unit radius if k 1, or the metric on r3 if. We show that there exist two different versions of the weyl multiplet, which contain the same gauge fields but differ in the matter field content. Oct 12, 2018 applying instead the residual symmetries of n 2, d 4 fayetiliopoulosgauged supergravity discovered in to the domain wall seed leads, after uplifting, to a dyonic black string that interpolates between ads 5 and ads 3. Consistency of the supersymmetry transformation often requires the presence of the potential for the scalar fields of the theory, or the cosmological constant if the theory contains no scalar degree of freedom. Bps black holes in a nonhomogeneous deformation of the.

Extended n 2 superconformal structure of gravity and wgravity coupled to matter m. Gravity duals of 5d n 2 sym from f4 gauged supergravity by parinya karndumri download pdf 206 kb. Solutions of n2 gauged supergravity in 4, 5 and 6 dimensions. The line element for 5 d bh in the theory of gauged super gravity is given as. Pdf gravity duals of 5d n2 sym from f4 gauged supergravity. Generalized attractor points in gauged supergravity unt. Because of the reduced supersymmetry, we expect the. Now, a particular case is discussed, where the solution was developed stumodel for the results of n 2, d 5, gauged super gravity theory wave equation of motion. We focus on the geometric aspects of the d 4 data such as the general form of the scalar potential and masses in terms of the gauging of a flat group.

Pdf twodimensional scfts from mattercoupled 7d n 2. In theoretical physics, supergravity supergravity theory. Now, a particular case is discussed, where the solution was developed stumodel for the results of n 2, d 5, gauged supergravity theory wave equation of motion. Using a static and spherically or hyperbolically symmetric ansatz for the fields, a onedimensional effective action is derived whose variation yields all the equations of motion. Black hole dynamics in genuine and fake gauged supergravity. Supergravity is the gauge theory of local supersymmetry. Gravity duals of 5d n2 sym from f4 gauged supergravity by parinya karndumri download pdf 206 kb. It is said that in n2 supergravity coupled to vector multiplets and hypermultiplets, one can gauge the rsymmetry by equivalently gauging the isometries of the corresponding hyperkahler cone over. In section 4, we consider coupling gauged n 2 supergravity to vector multiplets 19. More on bps solutions of n 2, d 4 gauged supergravity. Potentials and symmetries of general gauged n 2 supergravityyangmills. We refine the dictionary of the gaugegravity correspondence realizing n 1 super yangmills by means of d5branes wrapped on a resolved calabiyau space. Charged vector particle tunneling from a pair of accelerating. This nonlinear multiplet and the action formula for the yangmills multiplet enable us to write down an su2 gauged supergravity which we.

As one tries to apply this relation to black holes in f 4 gauged supergravity, the field theory computations in. By studying various, known extrema of 1 su3 sectors, 2 so5 sectors and 3 so3xso3 sectors of gauged n 8 supergravity in fourdimensions, one finds. The last official microplanet release was version 2. Maruyoshi, gauged n 2 supergravity and partial breaking of extended supersymmetry, ph. These theories are conveniently formulated in a chiral superspace with general supercoordinate and local osp8 2 gauge invariances. Soroka 1973, massive gravitinos, extensions with more supersymmetries and extension has been. These are not invariant under the nonrelativistic scaling, but instead scale covariantly. These theories are conveniently formulated in a chiral superspace with general supercoordinate and local osp82 gauge invariances.

We consider two different models where n 2 supersymmetry is broken to n 1. Gauged n 2 offshell supergravity in five dimensions. After introducing the relevant ingredients of differential geometry and gravity, some basic supergravity theories d4 and d11 and the main gauge theory tools are explained. I also realize there are people using old versions of gravity, so everything is still here. Nonetheless, even in this bestcase scenario for the putative identi cation of gravity and gauge, there is. Effect of quantum gravity on the stability of black holes. Do these follow from string theory compactifications. Firstly, this solution was formulated in 41 as a particular case stu model of solutions of the d 5n 2 gauged supergravity equations of motion. We define generalized attractor points as solutions of an ansatz which reduces the einstein. Our interest in the relationship between pure 3d gravity and gauge theory stems from the fact that, in this setting, two familiar disanalogies between gravity and gauge theory collapse completely see x2 below. C charged vector particle tunneling from a pair of accelerating and rotating and 5d gauged super gravity black holes 0 department of mathematics, the islamia university of bahawalpur, bahawalpur, pakistan 1 division of science and technology, university of education, township campus, lahore 54590, pakistan the aim of this paper is to study the quantum tunneling process for. Gauged supergravity 12 supertheories super symmetry. Notable exception is a sixdimensional n 1,0 gauged supergravity. The line element for 5 d bh in the theory of gauged supergravity is given as.

N 2 supergravity theory with a gauged central charge. Supergravity as an effective description of string theory compactifications. This bh solution occurs for n 8, d 5, in gauged super gravity theory symmetry. In particular, the generalized closed conformal killingyano 2form gives rise to the tower of generalized closed conformal killingyano tensors of increasing rank. Speci cally, weinberg and witten show that if there is a massless spin2 particle in the spectrum, then the matrix element. It can be found from a dimensional reduction of 11d supergravity by making the size of seven of the dimensions go to zero. For the matter sector we take an arbitrary number of vector, tensor and hypermultiplets. Since the supersymmetry susy generators form together with. Halmagyi, bps black hole horizons in n 2 gauged supergravity, jhep 02 2014 051 23 d. New supersymmetric vacua for d4, n4 gauged supergravity 1 harvendra singh 2 infn sezione di padova, departimento di fisica galileo galilei, via f.

Nonrelativistic solutions of n 2 gauged supergravity article pdf available in journal of high energy physics 20118 august 2011 with 31 reads how we measure reads. Conformal defect solutions in n 2,d 4 gauged supergravity. Lubos, do you think that quantum gravity or gravity itself can be some deformed type of gauge theory. Particle content edit the theory contains 1 graviton spin 2, 8 gravitinos spin 32, 28 vector bosons spin 1, 56 fermions spin 12, 70 scalar fields spin 0 where we dont distinguish particles with negative spin.

Citeseerx document details isaac councill, lee giles, pradeep teregowda. Ads 5 black strings in the stu model of figauged n 2. Black holes in fivedimensional gauged supergravity with. Gravity duals of 5d n2 sym from f4 gauged supergravity. Gauged supergravity is a very valuable tool in the study of holographic rg. Pope, ads dyonic black hole and its thermodynamics, jhep 11 22 n.

Sugra for short is a modern field theory that combines the principles of supersymmetry and general relativity. Recently, metrics with hyperscaling violation have also become important. N 1 gauged sugra the supergravity theories that have attracted the most interest contain no spins higher than two. Weyl multiplets of n2 conformal supergravity in five. Parinya karndumri submitted on 5 mar 2014 v1, last revised 15 oct 2014 this version, v4. We construct mattercoupled n 2 supergravity in five dimensions, using the superconformal approach. We construct the weyl multiplets of n 2 conformal supergravity in five dimensions.

Especially for the case with maximal supersymmetry, this correspondence seems to be on solid grounds. The attractor mechanism governs the nearhorizon geometry of extremal black holes in ungauged 4d n2 supergravity theories and in calabiyau compactifications of string theory. Offshell n 2 n 1 reduction in 4d conformal supergravity. Symplectically invariant flow equations for n 2, d 4. We consider n 2 supergravity in four dimensions, coupled to an arbitrary number of vector and hypermultiplets, where abelian isometries of the quaternionic hyperscalar target manifold are gauged. In this thesis, the equations of motion of fourdimensional n 2 gauged supergravity are derived in order to nd lifshitz solutions with nonzero hyperscaling violation. This bh solution occurs for n 8, d 5, in gauged supergravity theory symmetry. The gauged supergravity often has the antide sitter space as a supersymmetric vacuum. Gravity duals of 5d n 2 sym from f4 gauged supergravity authors.

Wrapped brane solutions in romans f4 gauged supergravity. In this paper, we study a natural generalization of this mechanism to solutions of arbitrary 4d n2 gauged supergravities. This is not surprising, as n8 supergravity contains six independent representations of n4 super yangmills. Bps black holes in a nonhomogeneous deformation of the stu.

In this paper, we are interested in the case of halfmaximal n 2 gauged super gravity. This means, in particular, that they do not contain any fields that transform as symmetric tensors of rank higher than two under lorentz transformations. Gauged n2 supergravity and partial breaking of extended. This is done by fixing an ambiguity on the correct interpretation of the holographic dual of the running gauge coupling and amounts to identify a specific 2cycle. This is done by fixing an ambiguity on the correct interpretation of the holographic dual of the running gauge coupling and amounts to identify a specific 2cycle in the dual tendimensional. The resulting theory is locally invariant under supersymmetry and the central transformation, the latter being gauged by the vector field of the supergravity multiplet. Gravity duals of 5d n2 sym from f4 gauged supergravity authors.

Toldo, on the nonbps first order flow in n 2 u1gauged 21 h. Some of these are also solutions of pure \ n 2 \ gauged supergravity with \su 2 \sim so3\ gauge group. Diederik roest, mtheory and gauged supergravities, fortsch. The corresponding action enjoys a solutiongenerating psl2, bbb r. Gauged supergravity in this sense should be contrasted with yangmillseinstein supergravity in which some other wouldbe global symmetries of the theory are gauged and fields other.

The corresponding ads 7 vacua are dual to n 1,0 scfts, see for example 4, 5. Pdf nonrelativistic solutions of n2 gauged supergravity. Theories without gravity have more observables than theories with gravity local operators, in particular, since there is no invariant local way to specify the position in general relativity, and this leads to a contradiction. In the second half of the book, complex geometry and n1 and n2 supergravity theories are covered. A free, massive n 2 scalarspinor multiplet, whose supersymmetry algebra contains a central charge, is coupled to n 2 supergravity. Vacua of n2 gauged supergravity derived from nonhomogeneous. In four spacetime dimensions, n8 supergravity is the most symmetric quantum field theory which involves gravity and a finite number of fields. N2 supergravity in five dimensions revisited research.

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